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Proudly sponsored Sarodiya Festival and Sound System for Community Events.

The Lotterywest Community Event Grant for Sarodiya Festival and modern sound systems, helped BSPC to conduct community-based events by bringing people together, providing entertainment and celebrating the cultural heritage and special interests which are of great benefit to our communities. These sponsored event activities were set out to strengthen the capacity of culturally diverse communities and support the development of culturally inclusive policies, programs, and services.

Proudly sponsored Diwali Festival and a modern interactive Projector

Diwali festival supported by The City of Canning which is also known as festival of light to eradicate darkness of mind, evil intension and spread prayers and love among people to create a wonderful atmosphere which is full of goodness and purity.

On the other hand, interactive projector helped BSPC to promote the diversity of cultural expressions throughout the meetings, seminars, community’s arts, and cultural activities in digital way.

Proudly sponsored Cooking accessories

Cooking and Serving food in any festival is an integral part of our culture. City of Gosnells gave us an opportunity of cooking and sharing food in various community events.

Proudly sponsored Festival of Knowledge.

Festival of Knowledge is one of the most popular events of BSPC. This festival symbolises Devi Saraswathi, the goddess of music, wisdom, arts, and knowledge. This sponsored event by City of Nedlands celebrate every year with great enthusiasm by the community members featuring a mix of arts, music, dance, and drama.



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